Patient Centered Care 2019 Capstone/Graduation

We recently concluded the Patient-Centered Care Programme (PCC) 2019. A 4 month-long program that involves training, mentoring and coaching front line clinicians and equipping them with the skill and knowledge they need to improve the quality of their work and service delivery in their facilities.

On this cohort of the PCC Programme, we had 20 participants from 10 facilities: The Bridge Clinic, Deji Clinic, Oak Hospital, Randle General Hospital Surulere, General Hospital Alimosho, Lakeshore Cancer Centre, Paelon Memorial Hospital, St Dominic Catholic Hospital,  Lifeline Children’s Hospital, and General Hospital Ikorodu.
The cohort was made up of front-line clinicians comprising of Nurses, Doctors, and Lab Scientists who are involved with direct patient care.

The PCC Programme is a masterclass series, the participants get a 3-month capstone project to implement a patient-centered care project within their facilities. The goal of this is to have them engage and put to practice all they have been taught. The Programme wraps us with the presentation of these capstone projects, which is a great way to provide feedback on the work being done. This feedback is usually provided by the HLA faculty and their peers to encourage peer to peer learning.

We welcomed these new alumni members to the growing HLA family, we are proud of the PCC 2019 cohort and we are confident that they will be a part of the change agents driving transformation within the healthcare sector.

 Thursday, April 25th 2019 2:00-3:00 PM