Leadership Enhancement and Accountability for the Public Sector

9 Months
Certificate granted

A Bespoke Programme Designed For Policymakers Who Are Committed To Driving Positive Health System Reforms

Leadership Enhancement and Accountability for the Public Sector
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Course overview

The Leadership Enhancement and Accountability for the Public Sector (LEAPS) Programme is an intensive nine-month leadership programme designed for administrators, managers and policymakers who work within state or regional government ministries, and lead or manage teams responsible for one or more aspects of the region’s health portfolio.  

The programme is bespoke and iterative and is therefore adapted year on year to ensure that the course content and approach address the peculiar developmental needs of the participating health system leaders.    

At its core, the programme is designed to strengthen the leadership acumen and execution capacity of the participants such that they are impact-orientated, accountable health system leaders who are able to work effectively with a multitude of stakeholders to drive through much needed transformative reforms within their regions that yield measure results at the level of the end user.  

Programme participants will be immersed in a dynamic and cross-collaborative environment, and should expect to be challenged to think and work in new and innovative ways to deliver results.  Participants partake in the programme as part of a five-person state/regional team comprising of individuals from the relevant health ministries and parastatals, and at least one team member from the Ministry of Budget and Planning (or equivalent).  

The course content is delivered through in-person residential training sessions which occur at quarterly intervals.

Emphasis is placed on peer-to-peer learning, activity and case based learning, and applied learning through the execution by each team of a state health improvement project.

Throughout the programme, participants will be introduced to and supported by a diverse but complementary team of highly skilled faculty members and mentors who have experience working with leaders across the globe.  Resource persons include internationally certified executive coaches, Deliverology® experts, quality improvement experts, economists, and health system experts.  

Deeply rooted in the design ethos of this programme is the need to not simply build individual capacity but rather institutional capacity. As such, a pre-requisite for enrolment is prior engagement with the top-tier health system leaders of the state/region (for example the Commissioners of Health) to ensure that an enabling environment for reform is created, while programme completion is hinged on successful step-down training by participants to peers and direct reports.

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Who is a good fit for the course?

This programme is ideal for state/regional governments that are working towards building strong and resilient health systems and demonstrating this commitment through the implementation of tough but achievable health initiatives that have a meaningful impact on the health of their people.

It is a requirement that participating teams comprise at least one individual from the Ministry of Health and the health parastatals, and one senior manager from the Ministry of Budget and Planning (or equivalent).  Further guidance on nominating state/regional representatives will be given to the leadership of the participant ministries/agencies prior to the programme.

This programme is delivered to an ideal cohort size of 25-30 persons from a maximum of 6 participating states/regions

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Course Curriculum

The curriculum is fully integrated and structured to develop competencies in each of the following areas with exact areas of focus within these domains are established following pre-engagement with each of the participating states.  

  • Personal Leadership
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Stakeholder and Network Mapping
  • Political Sensitivity
  • Problem Solving
  • Quality Improvement for Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Project Management
  • Data and Performance Management
  • Delivering for Results
  • Computer Literacy

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