Public-Private Management Exchange Programme

4 weeks
Certificate granted

This Programme has been designed to build the leadership and management capacity of mid-management level public sector employees

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August 17th - September 14th, 2020

Course overview

Public Private Management Exchange Programme (PRIME) is a transformative experience that fosters collaboration and shared learning  between the public and private sector.

The PRIME Programme has been designed to build the capacity of mid-management level public sector employees through the sustained transfer of knowledge and expertise from the private sector to the public sector.

Self-paced learning
Instructor Check-ins
Certificate of Completion
CME for medical doctors, certificate of completion for all
Templates, tips, & Resources

Who is a good fit for the course?

We are looking to partner with private sector companies who understand that healthcare is everyone’s responsibility and willing to lend their expertise to upskill the Nigerian healthcare work force.

Technical Expertise: Individuals working in the private sector or private sector companies can meaningfully contribute their technical expertise to organizations facing critical challenges in several ways:

  • Private sector organizations can support capacity building in the public sector by supporting their seasoned employees during their paid time to build expertise in pre-identified public sector individuals
  • Private sector organizations can support a placement of high potential, high-performing mid-level public sector official within their organizations to acquire ‘on-the-job’ learning and practice to improve their competencies, and imbibe a culture of performance management and efficiency

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What will you get after the course?

At the  end of this workshop, participants will be equipped with templates, tips, and a repertoire of other resources they can readily apply to improve their organisation's financial performance.

Course Curriculum

The Financial Management workshop curriculum actively engages participants through the use of group discussions, interactive exercises, and case studies to address practical issues that require attention in healthcare organisations such as:

  • Aligning strategic and financial goals in healthcare organisations
  • Why financial and budgetary skills are essential in healthcare management
  • Fundamental financial performance indicators that determine the condition of a healthcare organisation
  • Improving cost effectiveness in health care delivery
  • Planning, managing, and controlling financial resources

Programme highlights include:

  • Fundamental Accounting Concepts and Procedures
  • Managing and Allocating Financial Resources Effectively
  • Measuring Financial Performance in Healthcare
  • Strategic Financial Management Considerations

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NGN 49,999.99