The Health Improvement Conference 2019

The world over, health systems grapple with the challenge of being able to simultaneously provide better care, better health, and at lower costs in order to improve the health of populations. However, the potential to achieve improved patient care, health outcomes, and lower costs may be compromised by the healthcare experiences encountered when care is provided.Central to any effective health system is an engaged and resourceful workforce– comprised of people who find a sense of meaning and fulfillment in their work– as this might improve the quality of healthcare and ultimately, the overall patient experience.

The Healthcare Improvement Conference was a one-day event, held in Lagos on October 11, 2019 with the theme: “Driving healthcare improvement through the Quadruple Aim”. It provided a platform to explore the complex healthcare work environment and challenges through the lens of patients, healthcare professionals and leaders as well as health-focused individuals and organisations. The goal of which was to help healthcare workers develop and strengthen the skills required to enhance well-being whilst improving care, health, and lowering costs through connecting,engaging, and interacting with leaders from both the healthcare and other industries.


The following topics were covered during the conference:

§  Advancing The Quadruple Aim of Healthcare in Africa: Delivered by Sodzi Sodzi Tetley, Executive Director, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Africa Region

§  Emotional Intelligence: The What, Why, and How: Delivered by Mamsallah Faal-Omisore, Family Physician and Policy Consultant and Habiba Balogun, Director and Principal Consultant, Habiba Balogun Consulting Limited

§  Antimicrobial Resistance: A multidisciplinary call to action: Delivered by Love Omoniyei, Country Assistant, Ducit Blue Solutions

§  Change Management: Building an army of change agents: Panel session anchored by Iyabo Kudayah, Medical Director Lifeline Children's Hospital

§  Creating Joy at Work: Work Culture and Stress Management: Delivered by Chantal Epie, Dean, School of Management and Social Sciences, Pan Atlantic University, Lagos

§  Innovation in resource constrained environments: Delivered by Olusoga Oni, CEO Medical Device as a Service (MDaaS)

Here are some of the comments our participants had:

'It was mind blowing! Really learnt a lot and also got some viable contacts that'll enhance my profession/career.'
'The sessions captured the challenges of the health situation in Nigeria as well as in the working environment. It was very strategic and well communicated.'
'Very interactive and dealt with areas of clinical practice that is usually being overlooked.'

Dr Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey

Habiba Balogun

Dr Mamsallah Faal Omisore

L-R Dr Iyabo Kudayah, Anne Ameh, Dr Ajibike Oyewumi, Dr Olugbemiga Aina

Prof Chantal Epie
Oluwasoga Oni
 Thursday, April 25th 2019 2:00-3:00 PM