The Inaugural State Executive Leadership Programme (SELP) April 19th-21st

May 14, 2018

The State Executive Leadership Programme (SELP) was created as a solution to ensure stakeholder buy-in and collaborative working for the LEAPS state based projects.

In July 2016, the Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) launched the Leadership Enhancement and Accountability for the Public Sector (LEAPS) programme designed to build the leadership effectiveness and execution capacity of senior policymakers and administrators of state health ministries and agencies. 

Through LEAPS, state teams are provided with the requisite skills and tools to significantly accelerate progress towards achieving a primary health system state goal. It was observed that upfront high-level stakeholder alignment was a critical success factor to the LEAPS state projects. In the past, the project team was made to select their own project and keep more senior stakeholders abreast of accountability. However, through the SELP programme, the role of prioritization and selection of a project will be done by these high-level stakeholders themselves.

It is anticipated that this approach will solve challenges around ensuring high-level stakeholder buy-in and will guarantee to a large extent that resources are made available to execute the state projects.

The inaugural SELP programme which held from 19th- 21st April 2018 was attended by the following states:

  • Kaduna
  • Nasarawa
  • Niger

Each state was represented by their:

  • Commissioner for Health, SMOH
  • Permanent Secretary for Health, SMOH
  • Executive Director/Secretary of the SPHCDA
  • Executive Director of the DMA

The programme was co-facilitated by the HLA and the following collaborators:

  • Dr Nneka Mobisson, a quality improvement expert
  • Mrs Habiba Balogun, an organizational effectiveness coach 
  • Premala Ponnusamy, a strategy and implementation expert

The programme ran for two and a half days, with a series of sessions and presentations from both faculty and participants.

At the end of the programme, the participants were able to come up with strategies and plans for their states and they made commitments to utilizing the tools and knowledge they had been equipped with to improve their healthcare systems in their states.

 Thursday, April 25th 2019 2:00-3:00 PM