April 20, 2020

Earlier in March, at the alarming spate of the COVID19 pandemic that threatened public health, the HLA, in adherence to global and local authority protocols, made the difficult decision to postpone all in-person programmes and capacity-development trainings.

In keeping with our commitment to support healthcare professionals with the requisite skills that address context-specific skill gaps and health system challenges, we are glad to announce that the HLA has transitioned to an online option for learning.

We spent a couple of months restructuring and setting up a Learning Management System to deliver our programs virtually. We are grateful for the concerted efforts of everyone who has worked tirelessly to achieve this.

Enrollment for Healthcare Financial Management (HFM) Course as well as a self-paced combo short course on Stress management & Managing hectic work conditions has begun and is still open. Click here for more information.

The HFM course has been scheduled for the month of September and we look forward to delivering value to you or your organization as you navigate this uncertain times. 

Enrol today!

...At the HLA, capacity development never stops, it only gets better.

 Thursday, April 25th 2019 2:00-3:00 PM